It's possible to know the CPU status of the PCD?

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An external device like scada or supervision sytem can know the status of the PCD (Run, Halt, Stop or Conditioanl Run) by using a special item of the S-Bus OPC-Server or by using a special S-Bus telegram.


If a OPC-Server is used then you can use the item "status" of the station.


The status will be shown as follwoing on the Scada System:

R    Run
C    Conditional Run
H    Halt
S    Stop

If the supervision system don't use the OPC-Sever then the status of the PCD can be knwon with the use of a special S-Bus telegram.
SRXM S-Bus channel

More informations can be found on the S-Bus manual 26/739, chapter 3.4.1


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