Not able to compile a project with PG5 1.4.200

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After having installed PG5 1.4.200 it is possible that the build of a project (created with a former version of PG5) fails due to an object file error or an error indicating incompatible data types.


PG5 1.4.200 is not able to finish a build due to an error related to a "TFRtype". Below there are two possible messages:

Object file error: Modem_GSM_LPK_O1_a.obj: Psn 88A32 (164): TFRtype

Error 38: Analog.obj (4): TFR: (null): Incompatible data types

Error 38: Analog.obj (4): TFR: (null): Incompatible data types

There is a problem in version PG5 1.4.200 (which is solved with patch3 for PG5 1.4.200).

In order to solve this problem, please install PG5 SP 1.4.300 or later. The latest PG5 version can be found on the support site (section "Product Info" --> "Software" --> "PG5")


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