After an image update the WinCE Panel PCD7.D5xxxTXxxx doesnt start anymore!

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If you have updated your panel from an image $1xxx to $2xxx when powerup it doesn't boot successfully. The screen display SBC and the red line on the bottom doesn't stretch completly (after 3/4 stretching it is frozen)! The panel is blocked!!


     For the panels PCD7.D5xxxTXxxx (equipped with a XScale processor) there are two boot loaders available. Images with version $1.x.x.x do only run with the old boot loader (delivered until June 2007), while images with version $2.x.x.x do only run with the new bootloader.


It is possible updating the bootloader by downloading and installing the special bootloader image from the folder "Bootloader_Update" folder in the images section. Available from our support site over this link: 
Restore this bootloader image to a compact flash card and launch the panel with this card. You will then be guided through the installation process. Once the boot loader is updated, switch off the panel. Restore the new images to the flash card with version $2.x.x.x and run the panel. 



PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

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