Why can't I connect a PCD3.M5xx0 over the serial PGU port?

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While the serial PGU port of systems before the PCD3 did always work as PGU port when connecting a PCD8.K111, the serial PGU port of the PCD3 can be configured for using a modem. If this is done, it is no longer possible attaching a PCD8.K111 and establishing a PGU connection.


It is not possible going online with the PGU communication mode using a PCD8.K111 programming cable plugged in on the D-SUB labeled "Com/PGU" of a PCD3.M5xx0.


The port "Com/PGU" of the PCD3.M5xx0 can be used as either PGU port for programming the PCD or for connecting an external modem to the PCD3. In case a modem is connected, the full handshake must be enabled and by doing so the detection mechanism for a PGU connection established with a PCD8.K111 is disabled.
A second reason could be that the firmware 039 is installed on the PCD3. In this case a firmware problem avoids a successful serial PGU connection.

Connect to the PCD using a USB cable (which always works as programming connection) and upload the current hardware settings of your PCD3.
After having uploaded the current configuration of the PCD3, check that the checkbox "Full RS232-handshaking on Port 0" is not checked. If it is checked, uncheck it and download the modified hardware configuration in order beeing able going online with a "serial PGU" connection.

If it is still not possible going online with the PCD3, please check the firmware version of the PCD3. Note that the version 039 has a known problem that avoids going online over the Serial PGU connection. In case you are concerned by this problem, please contact your local sales office and request a firmware that fixes this problem (e.g. 03A).




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