Tool to test if IP ports are blocked by Router of Firewalls

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There's a small and nice freeware tool called "Port Query" for checking the IP ports of a system connected to an Ethernet network.


The tool "Port Query"
The "Port Query" tool scans the addressed system (addressed by IP-address) for the indicated ports.
You can choose between UDP and TCP or can scan both types. There are predefined sets of ports to be scanned.

This tool's especially designed for troubleshooting, for example in Open Data Mode, BacNet, FTP communication,
and testing if used ports are open and ready to be used. You can also check with this tool if a router or a firewall
blocks the specified port.

In the example below is shown a scan of the FTP connection, port 21 in TCP, on a PCD3.  


How to get it?
This tool can be obtained from the Microsoft Corporation for free. In order to get it, browse to the microsoft download page (link below) and sear for "PortQry Command Line Port Scanner".


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