Why has my PCS1.Cxxx lost its production information?

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With firmware 0C0 a short power down can lead to the loss of the production information. In detail this is the product identification, the serial number as well as the production date.


The production information is lost after a short power down if the firmware version 0C0 is installed on the PCS system. Once this information is lost only question marks are shown in the PG5 "Online Configurator" instead of the values expected.


This situation is caused by a corruption of the internal EEPROM. Such a corruption can be caused by the firmware 0C0 if the PCS is switched off and very shortly after this power down switched on again.

The content of the EEPROM can only be restored by the repair service of Saia-Burgess Controls AG. Please contact your local Sales Office in order to organize a repair of the concerned system.

Important recommandation
In case you do have PCS systems equipped with firmware version 0C0 (having been distributed between May and June 2007), it is strongly recommended updating the system with firmware version 0C1 (or later) in order to avoid a loss of the production information. The lates version of the firmware can be found in the PCS1 section of the support site www.sbc-support.ch.




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