Why does the FB Home not work on a PCD2/3.H210?

FAQ #100698

There has been a bug in the FPGA versions older than HD6 that caused the FB Home not to work if a limit switch was active on power up of the PCD.


The FB "Home" for the PCD2.H210 or for the PCD3.H210 does not work if the limit switches are enabled (in the FB "Init") and if a limit switch was active on power up of the PCD.

This behaviour is caused by a bug in the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) version HD5 and older. The FPGA version of your H210 is indicated on a small round sticker on the FPGA (a chip on a socket).

The problem is fixed in version HD6 and all later versions. If you are concerned by this problem, please contact your local SBC representative and request the actual FPGA version.  



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