Dwnload All Failed: error reading file when *im5 file from PG5 1.2 download to PG 5 1.4!

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Old V1.2 ".im5" files are not compatible with V1.3 and later if they were uploaded from a PCD containing Flash or EPROM memory, because the code/text in Flash or EPROM was not uploaded if the PCD contained Flash or EPROM memory.

 The original V1.2 version uploaded only what is in RAM (extension memory RAM TEXTS/DBS and media) because it was designed for battery changes only, not for backup/restore. Changing the battery did not lose data in Flash or EPROM so only the RAM was saved, to make it faster at 9600 baud.

So the *im5 file from PG5 1.2 have to be downloaded with PG 5 1.2. If he wants to restore the RAM data from the ".im5" file, he must do it with V1.2.


"Download All" will be modified to give a better error if old V1.2 ".im5" files do not contain the code/text data.


Technical Info


If you try to download a V1.2 ".im5" file using V1.3 or later it writes the RAM data into the header/code/text segment of PCD memory, which corrupts it. Later versions save the code/text in Flash or EPROM too.


The "read error" occurs because the downloader thinks it's downloading the user program, and the RAM data is too small.


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