Bug report concerning FBox library "Historic Data Logging" version 1.3.000

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If the text passed to the FBox "HDLog Bin" (from the FBox library "Historic Data Logging" version 1.3.000) is a global symbol a build of the project fails due to a "Multi Defined Blocks"-Error.


A build of a PG5 project containing the FBox "HDLog Bin" from the FBox library "Historic Data Logging" fails if the symbol entered on the face of the FBox is a global symbol. The error message shown in the message window of the PG5 Project Manager is:

Multi-defined Blocks:
TEXT/DB MyText (4001) in modules: 'Fupla.obj' '_Global.obj'
Linkage complete. 1 errors, 0 warnings.

This is a bug in PG5 SP1.4.130 and will be corrected in the next release of PG5.

As solution until the next version of PG5 is released please do not declare the text entered on the face of the FBox as "global" symbol.
In case the same text is also used in another program module, provide a static address to this text and refer to this static address from the other module where the same text is used.



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