Download of PCD3 firmware fails on END command (no response)

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When downloading a recent PCD3 firmware (e.g. 031) over e.g. USB it can occur that the error message "Download failed on END command" is shown at the end of the download. The LEDs of the PCD remain blinking in the "Firmware download" sequence.


At the end of the firmware download (in S-Bus USB mode) of e.g. version $33 the "PCD Firmware Downloader" an error message window pops up saying "Download failed on END command, Error: No response."
After a reboot the PCD boots properly and has loaded the new firmware version.


The PCD does answer the "END command" telegram too slowly. This is because the PCD first needs to calculate the CRC of the firmware wich takes a bit longer than 250 ms (which is the default timeout on S-Bus PGU).

In order to avoid this error message please increase the timeout of the "S-Bus USB" to e.g. 500 ms:

  • Go offline with your PCD3

  • In the "Online Settings" of the relevant CPU click the button "Setup" behind the channel selection "S-Bus USB"

  • Change the default value of 250 ms to 500 ms

  • Accept with "Ok" and close the "Online Settings"

The same symptom can also appear when using other communication channels, e.g. Ethernet. In case the same message apperas also on Ethernet, please also update the accoring settings.



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