Not all files have been distributed in the PG5 SP1.4.130 package

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The PG5 Controls Suite package available on the support page was not complete during the three two weeks (until 1 February 2007) it was online. The release notes of the S-Web-Editor 5.10.00 as well as the the macro library for the S-Web-Editor were missing.


Customers who have downloaded the PG5 Controls Suite (PG5 SP1.4.130) before the 1 February 2007 are missing the Release Notes of the S-Web-Editor 5.10.00 as well as the macro library for the S-Web-Editor.
Further on there have been some broken links on the Index page of the package.


The missing files are available on the support site in the PG5 section. Please download these files and complete your installation.

The available package on the support site has been corrected.
This FAQ does not concern you if you have downloaded the package after 1 February 2007 or if you have received the PG5 SP1.4.130 on a CD. 



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