Why is the message "index out of bounds" displayed when opening the HMI-editor

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This problem was related to a font unsed by the HMI-editor 1.4.170 which was not supported by every Windows system.


When opening the HMI-Editor the error message: "index out of bounds" appears and the HMI-editor doesn't open.

This problem was present with HMI-editor 1.4.170 and some Windows systems. The HMI-editor was using a font which is not present in every Windows system.

Install the HMI-editor 1.4.190 (part of the PG5 1.4.130 package) or a higher version. 

In some cases a other possible solution could be to set the Fonts size of the display properties of the PC to "normal"
- right mouse click on the desktop, menu properties, appearance.




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