What are persistent containers on the S-Web-Editor?

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The values of persistent containers are stored permanently on the file system. If you close MicroBrowser the values of the persistent containers are not lost.


The value of the container variables of the S-Web-Editor are not stored if the web application is closed.

If you want to store values of container variables, you have to use the persistent container variables. (MB_PERCO_0 to MB_PERCO_19)

This is very useful if you want to save language settings for example. The persistent containers have no specific purpose, you can use them for your own needs.

The container variables are stored permanetly on the file system of the following web panels:

- MicroBrowser Panel:          PCD7.D4xx
- Windows CE Web Panel:     PCD7.D5xxx

On the other web panels it is not possible to store persistent container variables.

On the Windows CE web panel PCD7.D5xxx the persistent container variable are stored on the file "uBrowsCo.xml“ on the directory "StorageCard/Micro-Browser/“ of the flash card of the web panel.



Web Editor5

PCD7 / D5xxx (Windows CE)

PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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