PG5 1.4.130: Application Directory not configured!

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After an aborted installation of PG5 1.4.130 it can occur that PG5 has lost its "Application Directory" path setting. As result an error message "Applications Directory not configured" is showed if PG5 is launched.


The following "SBC Project Manager" error message is displayed if PG5 is launched:


Due to a bug the PG5 installer deletes the directory settings if an installation of PG5 is aborted (and there has already been a PG5 installed on the PC).


  • Uninstall PG 5 1.4 by using the SetupPG5.exe and choose the option "remove". After having unistalled PG5, reinstall PG5 1.4.130 using the SetupPG5.exe.
  • Or, in case you don't want re-installing PG5, you can add the PG5 directories (found in the PG5 menu "Tools"-->"Options..", tab "Directories") as shown below:



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