Why is the warning "TEQ file parse first char error file" displayed?

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When using alarming the alarmlist has to be defined as STRING in the PPO list. Otherwise this can cause errors.

When using OfflineTrend the resource used as Base PPO Name has to be a register if it is a DB it causes a wrong pointing and this error message is created.


When opening the Web Application the warning button is displayed and when clicking on the button the message: "TEQ file parse first char error file" is displayed.

1) If alarming is used the error can be caused by the alarmlist. The alarmlist has to be defined as STRING in the PPO-list. If there is no definition it won't work.
2) Another reason for this error can be that a text in the page is not defined as STRING.
3) If Offline Trend is used and a DB is choosen as Base PPO Name (instead a Register) a wrong pointing is created in the Web builder file (xxx.tcr).
4) If in the PPO list, a register variable has the format STRING

Define the alarmlist / text as STRING in the PPO list.
Define a register as Base PPO Name in the Offline Trend Macro (in Tag Macro Offline Trend)
Don't define a register as STRING



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