I forgot the password for my PCD/PCS! How can I access it again?

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The PCD CPUs can be protected with a password. Once the CPU is password protected it is not possible reading its hardware or user program any more.


How can I protect my PCD with a password?
The protection is done by configuring a password in the hardware settins and downloading this configuration (make sure you have enabled the "Password" in the download window).

How can I remove the password?
There are two possibilities to remove the password from the PCD:

  • You can re-download the hardware configuration (with the password protection in the Hardware Settings unchecked). Again, make sure you have enabled the "Password" in the download window. You will be prompted for the password when downloading the new configuration.
  • You can clear the whole memory of the PCD or the PCS. Doing so will not only remove the password but will erase the whole configuration and user program of the PCD! The "Clear Memory..." function can be found in the menu "Online" of the PG5 "Online Configurator".


  • The procedure "Clear Memory..." does not yet work for all CPU types (e.g. the PCD3 memory can not be cleared with this function). (An alternative way could be removing the battery and removing the power supply in case the user program is stored in RAM).
  • The minimal PG5 version featuring the "Clear Memory..." function is PG5 1.4.120.







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