How to use FKEYs on the Micro Browser Web Panel PCD7.D457BMCF/SMCF!

FAQ #100622

In order to use the FKEYs of the uBrowser Panel it is necessary to add button on the web pag and configure the function key accordingly. Hereby the description:

  • place a button on your teq file. Or outside the teq file so the button can't be activated on the touch screen, in this case make your teq file bigger (menu: Project / Teq view configuration) and give for example Height 280 instead of 240!
  • Within the Button parameters, In tag "Function Key" typ the following syntax: FKEY_1 (to FKEY_12) according to your need
  • Configure the other parameters depending of the needed action as usual for any other button
  • If the button is placed on the touch area you might need to make it invisible, so in the tag "General" of the ajust parameters window deactvated the 2 options: Has Internal Color and Has Outfite Color


Web Editor5

PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

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