How to display unicode texts in the WebEditor with "HTML TAG"

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In the WebEditor it's possible to display also non-ASCII character set text using "HTML TAG" in combination with a *.csv file.

A possibility to define the real text which should be displayed on the Web-pages instead of the “HTML TAG” variables is the use of *.csv files. All “HTML TAG” variables can be stored in a *.csv file where the real text have to defined after a semicolon “;”

Example for the entry on csv *.htm file:


Entry text;Je vous souhaite une bonne journée


During runtime of the Web-pages the “HTML TAG” variable “Entry text” will be displayed as “Je vous souhaite une bonne journée”.

If the “HTML TAG” variables are stored on a *.csv file then the *.csv file will be parsed cyclically during runtime.

If on a Web-page a “HTML TAG” variable should be displayed then the parser will replace the “HTML TAG” variable with the real text defined on the *.csv file.


It’s possible to collect all “HTML TAG” variables and to store them on a *.csv file by
the use of the following "CSV" button of the toolbar:


The created *.csv file have to be added to the project file of the S-Web-Editor project manually by the use of the option “Project, Add to project, File”



To define the real text which should be displayed instead of the “HTML TAG” variable on the Web-pages the user have to edit the *.csv file manually.


The user has to define, which *.csv file should be used during runtime. This definition has to be done in the menu point “Project, Project configurations, Project-Appled advanced folder. Check Box “HTML Parameters in csv file has to be checked.

On the entry field “csv file” the name of the used *.csv file have to be defined.







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