Using Westermo TD-33 on PCD!

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It is possible to use the analog modem TD-33 on the PCD, in order to send SMS and connect to the PCD (DTMF fonction are not supported by this modem).



The following init string has to be added in the Hardware Setting: AT&FX3%E0&D0&K0S0=2&W<CR> and it can be saved with the button "Save as" . The hardware setting are used in order to connect to the station.

Also the init string has to be added in the file modmbase.dat located in PG5: C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Libs\App\. This file is used by the modem library for sending the sms
Open this file with a text editor and chose the user1 for exemple and copy the same init string:
$elseif _MODMTYPE=101
;;[User 1]
TEXT _MODMREST  "ATZ<CR>"       ;;reset string
TEXT _MODMINIT  "AT<CR>" ;;initialisation string

Note: The baudrate has to be ajusted to 2400 bauds in the hardware setting, in the modem 15 driver Fbox and the send sms Fbox!
See attached PG5 1.4 CPU!



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