How to modify the amount of "Recently used projects" of the FBox Builder?

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The "File" menu of the FBox builder features an entry "Recently used projects". But there is no option for modifying the amount of these recently used projects in the menu "Options" from the menu "Tools".


The amount of the "Recently used projects" can be modified by following the procedure below:


  • Close the FBox Builder (if not already closed).
  • In the Windows "Start" menu select "Run...".
  • In the appearing window type "regedit" (the Microsoft® Registry Editor) and hit "OK".
  • In the Registry Editor browse to the item
    My Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAIA-Burgess\FBoxEditor\1.0\MainForm\MRUHistory
    and select it.
  • On the right window look for the key "MaxFiles" and select "Modify" from its context menu (rigth mouse click).
  • Now you can set the maximal amount of entries of the "Recently used projects". A value of -1 means an "unlimited" list (not recommended)
  • Close the Registry Editor and open the FBox Builder for verifying the modification.

The maximum amount of recently used projects will be limited to 10 in the FBox Builder version 1.4.130.


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