What flashcards to use on a SBC Web Panel CE?

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The SBC Web Panels CE are shipped together with a 64 MByte or a 128 MByte Compact Flash Card (CFC). However, in case more capacity is required, also bigger cards may be used.


Are CFC cards from any manufacturer supported?
No, only CFC cards from the manufacturers


  • SanDisk
  • SimpleTec

are supported and tested. From these manufacturers the disk size 64, 128, 256 and 512 MBytes are tested. Please note that the quality of the CFC is important as the maximum number of write cycles as well as the long term data persistence is varying greatly. We generally recommend cards with industrial quality (e.g. industrial grade).

How can I upgrade my memory?
In case a bigger flash card than the one shipped together with the panel is used, all the files from the card shipped together with the panel are to be copied onto the new flash card. Make sure that you really copy all the files (also the hidden system files etc.). You can do this with e.g. the Windows Explorer (you don't need a special image tool like you would need to copy the flash cards of an XP Web Panel).

What can I do if I still need more memory?
There is a RAM Disk on the Web panel. This RAM Disk (size about 256 MBytes) is battery buffered and therefore suitable for e.g. storing logfiles. This is also very useful in case logging date is continuously stored. In this case the data can be written to the RAM disk (in small intervalls) and in bigger intervals it can be copied to the flash disk.



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