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Years ago a commissioning tool for some motion modules (e.g. PCD2.H32x) has been developped and was set to the beta phase. Due to a lack of interest and feedback from the market this tool was never officialized and is not supported any more.


What was MotionX?
The software packet MotionX (PCD8.H50000E) has been created for commissioning complex motion modules such as the PCD2.H32x. The software was designed to support the user to find e.g. the optimal PID settings by visualizing graphs of recorded units such as acceleration, speed etc.
Another feature was a code generator for moving the concerned axis without writing all the initialisations by hand.


Why was MotionX never officialized?
The following reasons were conclusive for the decision not to officialize MotionX:

  • During the beta phase which was extended to several years only very little customers were interested in this product (Very weak demand).

  • Since the use of the software did also influence the performance of the PCD itself many customers prefered to optimize their installation by the use of an oscilloscope instead of MotionX.

  • The usage of the software was rather complicated. The feature to generate code was only used by few beta testers.

  • The low demand did not justify the effort to officialize the software.

Can MotionX still be used as "unofficial" software?
Since MotionX was never realized it is not maintained any more and therefore it is not compatible with the latest PG5 versions. It is only compatible with PG5 1.2. This leads to the fact that it can not be used in parallel to a recent version of PG5 (which was the initial aim and target). We therefore don't recommend to use this tool any more.

How to commission a H-module then?
We recommend finding/adapting the motion parameters of a motion module/system by the use of an oscilloscope which is connected to the output of the module. The resulting graphs can be interpreted in the same way as the ones created by MotionX and are more exact.



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