How should the PCD3 User LED work?

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As written in the manual the PCD3 User LED should work like the Error LED on the battery module. That means, if an error is present it should be lit and if no error is present it should be amber. The user is able to force the LED with a SYSWR instruction.



With firmware version 024 or lower the LED is working wrong. That means the LED is off when a error is present and the LED is on when no error is present. In the next official firmware it will be corrected.

It is possible to use a SYSWR instruction in the program or in the debugger to force the LED to a USER defined status:

SYSWR instructions:

With FW 024 or lower:
SYSWR  9000
                   K 1                 ; Force the LED to off

 SYSWR  9000
                   K 0                 ; Force the LED to on

With the next official FW:
SYSWR  9000
                   K 0                 ; Force the LED to off

 SYSWR  9000
                   K 1                 ; Force the LED to on




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