Why is the Profibus / LON Communication not working on a PCD7.F772 or PCD7.F802

FAQ #100563

When using a PCD7.F772 or PCD7.F802 on a PCD2.M1x7 with FW Version 3.110 only the RS 485 communication works. Otherwise the Profibus / LON communication did not work.


A module PCD7.F772 (Profibus with additional RS 485 port) or PCD7.F802 (LON with additional RS 485 port) is in use. The RS 485 port is working but the Profibus / LON communication does not work.

Do to a firmware problem these modules are not correctly supported by the firmware. PCD7.F770 or PCD7.F800 will work correctly.

Update to firmware versio 3.114 or higher



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