PG5 build error "Too many FB parameters" even if the FB parameters are correct

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When using CSF instructions in a PG5 1.4.110 project, it can occur that a build fails due to the error "Too many FB parameters (max is 255)".


A "rebuild all files" of a project containing CSF instructions failes sometimes (not always and the line where the error occurs is not always the same, either). The error indicated in the message window of PG5 Project manager is:
Error 56: SimpleFile.src: Line 100: Too many FB parameters (max. is 255)
On the other hand, a "Build changed files" of the same project is working properly.


The reason for this problem is a bug in the Saia PG5 Build Utility (SAsm32.dll).

You can either install the patch attached to this FAQ or you can introduce a (never called) FB before the CSF causing problems. An example for introducing such a non-called FB could be the following:

;Dummy FB which is never called
;prevents invalid 'too many FB parameters' error
CFB H DUMMYFB  ;never called






Installation of patch

For installing the patch mentioned (SAsm32.dll version $1.4.111b), download the attached *.zip archive and extract it. The file SAsm32.dll is to be copied into the PG5 1.4.110 installation directory (the existing file C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Sasm32.dll will be overwritten).
Please note that this patch is for PG5 1.4.110 only!

This problem is solved in the next Service Pack of PG5 1.4



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