A application with pager is not working anymore with the modem PCD2.T814 or M716-KS1

FAQ #100548

The same application was working properly with PCD2.T813 before.


When sending a pager message the "Modem Driver" F-Box turns red imediately. Or the Call Pager F-Box turns red and get's an error after sending the message


The modem PCD2.T814 and M716-KS1 with firmware <2.04 is not supporting Bit-Parity-Stop 7-E-1 which is needed on some pager servers.

Another Bit-Parity-Stop has to be used. Per example 8-N-1if this is as well supported on the pager server. Otherwise if 7-E-1 is needed the modem must have a firmware >=2.04.



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