Why does the error message "Multi-defined Unique Program Identifier DB 3999" appears when trying to rebuild an uploaded project?

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A file was uploaded and disassembled. Nothing has changed in the program code but compiling is not possible.


An uploaded and disassembled project can not be build anymore. The error message below appears:

Error 387: Multi-defined Unique Program Identifier DB 3999

Multi-defined Elements:
TEXT/DB 3999 in module _compressora 45.obj tog1.obj

On build PG5 generates a DB 3999 automatically. If a program is uploaded and disassembled the generated DB 3999 is present in the program code. When trying to build the program again, PG5 generates a new DB 3999 but the DB already exists.

Delete the DB 3999 in the uploaded source. It will be generatet again on build.

Starting with PG5.1.4 there will also be a DBX 9. This DBX does also identify the program and will be exisitng in a disassembled file. Please also remove (or skip) this section in the disassembled file.



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