Why does the message "Error 395: sfupanl5.srx:Local and global symbols have the same name..." appear?

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Some F-Boxes in PG5 1.4 are generating symbols which are maybe also used in the project.


On build the following error (or similar) appears:
Error 395: sfupanl5.srx: Local and global symbols have same name but different type/value: RTEMP1

The Fupla analogue library is generating symbos which are often used in projects for normal symbol names:
- cTemp
- fData (Array of 8)
- fError
- fTemp (Array of 8)
- fTout
- kFlashTime
- kTimeout
- rActch
- rBase
- rHighByte
- rLowByte
- rTemp (Array of 5)
- rTout

If an analogue F-Box is placed p.ex. PCD2.W34, PCD2.W3x5, PCD2.W6x5 etc. some of these symbols are used by the F-Box. Other symbols in the project with the same names will cause a conflict. The error message above or similar will appear on build and the build will fail.

A correction in the PG5 1.4 library is necessary. Therefore please update your PG5 (to version 1.4.110 or newer).
In case it isn't possible for you to update your PG5 you can change the symbol names mentioned above (which are used in your program) in order to avoid this conflict.



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