PG5 V1.4.100 first edition doesn't handle global symbols correctly

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When working with PG5 V1.4.100 (first edition), changed public symbols are not updated in all project files.





Modified public symols aren't updated in all modules of the project.
The version of SPM (Project Manager) is 1.4.100 (the version of the project manager is indicated in the "About SPM" window from the menu "Help")


This problem is caused by a bug of the project manager.

In order to solve this problem, replace the application SPM.exe in the installation folder of PG5 (C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Spm.exe) with the attached version (1.4.101).

Only customers that have downloaded PG5 from the support site between 14.02.2006 and 16.02.2006 are concerned by this problem. The actual version available in the PG5 section of the support site contains a patch that fixes this problem.


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