SFup analog error of PG5 V1.4.100

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PG5 V1.4.100 first edition has a error in the analog module library (library version v2.5.100):

All analog FBoxes generate an error on build of the project.


A build of the project fails with the error message
Error 165: TestFupla.fbd: Line 71: PCD2.W340 Old Fbox NOT anymore supported., in Block: BL 425E2C0E, Page: 1, FBox: PCD2.W34


This error is caused by a bug in the FBox library for the analogue modules. The version affected is V2.5.100 (distributed with PG5 1.4.100).

In order to fix this problem, please download the patch available in the PG5 section of the support site. This patch will install a fixed version of the FBox library (V2.5.101) for the analog library.

If you have downloaded PG5 1.4.100 from the support site after February  21th 2006, your installation is not affected by this bug.



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