How to calibrate HVC analog input Fbox?

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Analog input Fboxes with individual callibration have the following parameters; Mode, range and offset to be adjusted. The following formula helps to adjust those paramters


In order to use this formula the paramter mode has to be kept to default value: R-0

Range = (Ymax - Ymin) . Imax                        Y = Fbox output value 
                  (Imax - Imin)                                I   = Analog carte input value (mA, mV)


Offset = Ymax - Range               

Example: the sensor gives 4...20 mA and we want to display a value from 0...500 m3 using a PCD4.W300 card!

Range = (500- 0) . 20 mA    =      625            
                (20mA -4 mA)                                

Offset = 500 - 625 = - 125              



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