Bug report concerning FBox family "Historic data logging"

FAQ #100536

The FBox "HDLog Init" from the family "Historic data logging" can cause a problem during the build of the according project. The Error message is "Constant out of range".


A build of the Project fails due to the error message
Operand errors:
Error 336: new_hda.obj (806): CMP: __CSTART__: Constant out of range
This problem disappears if the Fupla containing the Inizialize FBox "HDLog Init" from the FBox family "Historic data logging" is not linked. This FBox is used for the creation of trends in the Web-Editor.
The FBox macro is called _HDAINIT and the version number is 10201 (right-click on the FBox and select "Advanced info" in order to see this information).


This problem is caused by a bug in the FBox, when the FBox code lies below a certain (high) memory address. Therefore, the problem normally only occurs in larger programs.

In order to avoid this problem the Fupla file that contains the Inizialize FBox "HDLog Init" has to be placed at the very beginning of the "CPU Link Order" (menu "CPU"-->"Link Order..."). Additionally, it may become necessery to place the "HDLog Init" FBox on the first few pages of the Fupla file. (Hint: To move up a Fupla page/block, use Ctrl+Up in the Page Navigator).
This bug will be fixed in the first Service Pack of PG5 1.4



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