How can the DHCP functionality of a PCD be used?

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This functionality is only available on the PCD7.F655 with firmware version 041 or newer. Further on this functionality does only allow the PCD to receive a dynamic IP address but it does not help other devices to access this PCD.


What for can the DHCP client functionality of the PCD be used?
The DHCP client functionality does only make sense in case the PCD does only need to send or request data but nobody needs to access it over Ethernet.


What for can the DHCP client functionality of the PCD not be used?
For any situation where any device needs to access the PCD autonomously. Once the PCD has received a new IP address, no other device (except of the DHCP server) knows about this IP address and therefore the PCD is not easily accessible by other devices (such as PCs running a Web Browser or other PCDs on the network). 

As soon as some device needs to access the PCD, this device needs to know the IP address of the PCD. As result, an additional mechanism needs to be implemented that collects and provides the IP addresses of the PCD stations to any other device that looks for the relevant PCD.
At the moment there is no such mechanism available. The services and protocols used by PCs (like NetBIOS, WINS, DNS) for this task are not (yet) supported on the PCD.



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