Why doesn't my FBox with "hidden" adjust parameters work correctly?

FAQ #100525

After having imported an FBox from a Fupla page all adjust parameters of all the FBoxes on the imported Fupla page are visible in the adjust window. If some of them must not be modified by the end user, they can be made invisible. In this case, make sure the default value is set correctly (wich is not done automatically by the FBox Builder)!


The created FBox does not have the behaviour of the originating Fupla pages.


There are some invisible adjust parameters in the created FBox. These parameters will have the default value set in the window "Field Settings" (see below). The default value is not automatically taken from the imported Fupla pages. The developer of the FBox has to edit them by hand.

Correct the default values of the hidden adjust parameters. The resulting FBox will always use these default values (because the user cannot see the parameters and therefore he is not able modifying them).


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