How to create an Application Symbol (A-symbol)?

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In some cases the introduction of "Application Symbols" (A-symbol, such as A.HVC.FBoxName.Error) may be required for a created FBox. These symbols will be available (but not modifiable) in the "System" tab of the Symbol Editor.



How can an A-symbol be used?
The A-symbols are special global symbols and similar to the System Symbols (S-symbols). The can be used in all program files belonging to the according CPU of the project. A part of the symbol (a group name after the registered prefix) is defined by the Fupla programmer. This is done by defining an FBox name that will be used to build the A-symbol specific to the FBox.
Since the symbols are written and used by the according FBox, they are not ment to be modified by the user program!


How can an A-symbol be created?
It can only be created if the FBox is designed to do it (e.g. most of the Heavac FBoxes).
If this is the case, it is sufficient to give the FBox a name (right mouse click on the FBox and select "FBox properties..."). After the next Build, the according A-symbols will be available.



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