How many EEPROM (E²) registers are available on PCS1?

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PCS1 with hardware version E (or newer) with firmware 0A0 (or newer) have 50 non-volatile E² registers. Older PCS1 systems have only 5 E² registers.


PCS1 systems older than hardware version E are equiped with 240 KB flash memory, 128 KB RAM (extension memory) and only 5 non-volatile EEPROM registers.

Starting with hardware version E and firmware 0A0 (or newer), PCS1 systems are equiped with 1008 KB flash and 896 KB RAM. The amount of EEPROM registers has also been increased to 50.

HINT: Non-volatile register can be used to store important data that is not to be lost even in the case of an empty buffer capacitor. Reading and writing these EEPROM registers from the user program can either be done with IL commands (see SYSRD, SYSWR) or with FUPLA FBoxes (see Special Functions).

WARNING: A maximum of 100,000 user writes are permitted to the EEPROM, so do not execute this instruction frequently in your user program. The SYSWR instruction takes 20 ms to execute, so it must not be used in XOB 0.





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