PCS1 with T813 / T814 in Modem 14 FBox gives modem status No Modem!

FAQ #100516

The modem doesn't send any SMS and Modem 14 Fbox indicates: NO Modem

In order to be on line on a PCS1 with a modem, it is necessary to assigne another port (for example Port 1 + RS 232) as S-Bus PGU port.



With the following parameters in modem 14 FBox:

Handshake: PGU switched
Default Standby Mode: OFF

It might happens that the SASI instruction on port 0 isn't executed! So the modem 14 FBox give the modem status NO Modem.

It is necessary to update the Modem Librairy to version 2.4 124 or use PG5 1.4 !




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