Userprogram update with PCD7.R500

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How to update a loaded userprogram with a new userprogram on PCD7.R500

Process to update a user programm from PCD7.R500 to the PCD3 internal flash:

PCD3M5540 with batterymodul and user programflash

  • PCD3 switch power off
  • remove the old program flash
  • insert the new program flash
  • switch the PCD3 on
  • press the Run/Halt push button for 3 seconds (the leds are flashing during the update)
  • restart PCD3 with the Run/Halt switch 

If the user programme is lost (media corruption) due to a battery failure and the PCD3 was a long time switch off (capacitor empty), the user program is automatically copied from the flash to the internal RAM memory.


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