Problem with first serie of PCD2.T814 modems

FAQ #100502

The first serie of PCD2.T814 modems with baseprint firmware < V1.09 have a problem when using the modem in the Hardware Settings for programming, for sending SMS and for DTMF at the same time.


After the modem has once tried to send an SMS it is no more possible to go online over the modem.


There was a bug in the firmware. The problem only appears when using all three functions in the same project.

New modems will have the corrected firmware V 1.09 or higher. If you have a modem the following workaround is recommended: All baudrates has to be 9600 baud. Please note, that you have to set the "Transmission Speed" in the "Call SMS" F-Box to 9600 Baud too. Default is 2400 Baud and will cause problems.



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