Can the S-Net MPI-Port on the PCD3.M5xx0 and on the PCD2.M5xx0 be used as standard RS-485 Port

FAQ #100500

Yes, it is implemented in the PCD3 with FW Version $12 or later. On the PCD2.M5xx0 it is supported with every firmware


The S-Net MPI-Port has to be configured as Port 3 instead of Port 10. It can be used as free standard RS 485-Port for S-Bus, to add a Bus-Terminal etc.

The wiring is:

D-Sub S-Net MPI                           S-Bus / Terminal ...
    3 RxD/TxD-P  --------------------- /TX /RX
    5 GND           --------------------- GND         
    8 RxD/TxD-N  --------------------- TX RX






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