Is it possible to be Profibus DP Master and Profi S-I/O slave on a PCD2.M480 at the same time

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Yes it is possible to be Master on the Profibus DP Master modul PCD7.D750 and Slave on the Profi S-I/O port. Otherwise there is a bug in PG5 which generates an error on compiling.


There is a SIO and a DP file linked in the project. The current station is Slave in the SIO-Network and Master in the DP-Network. On build the error message below appears:


multi defined blocks
DBX2 in modul xxx.dp

Due to an error in PG5 1.3 the SIO configurator creates a DBX 2 and also the DP configurator creates a DBX 2.

The problem will be corrected in PG5 1.4. If you need a bugfix version for PG5 1.3 please conntact the support and we will send you the version $1.3.129. The workaround for PG5 1.3.120 is:
- Go to the folder where your project is stored (p.e C:/PG5 Projects) and search your current project where the problem appears.
- Open the folder of the CPU where the problem appears
- Search for the src File of the SIO configuration. If the name of your SIO file is: "..\CPU1\SIOConfig.sio" you have to search for "SIOConfig.src".
- Open the src file and search for DBX 2. You will find it twice in the file. Rename DBX 2 to DBX 1.
- Make a build (not a rebuild all)



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