What is the difference between a PCD2.T813 and a PCD2.T814 modem?

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In the fourth quarter of 2005 a new modem type PCD2.T814 has been introduced. The difference between the PCD2.T813 and the PCD2.T814 is only hardware related. The functionalities and compatibilities remain the same.


Reason for the introduction of the PCD2.T814 and the PCD2.T851
The new type has been intoduced due to availability problems of the modem print mounted on the PCD2.T813.

Further information
In order to be able to manage a compatibility of the new modem print, a special "interpreter" has been introduced. This interpreter is placed between the modem and the interface to the PCD and "translates" strings that wouldn't be known to the modem (and vice-versa).



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