Are the limit switches of the PCD2/3.H31x absolutely necessary?

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The homing FB of the PCD2.H31x and PCD3.H31x are designed for interpreting limit switches of the axis. However, it is possible working around the limit switches for the homing.


How can the FB home be used without evaluating the limit switches?

In order not to evaluate the limit switches, the corresponding flags can be set high constantly. This is possible because the state of the input switches is passed to the FB as flags and not directly as inputs.

  ACC L ; set ACCU low
  OUT fLS1_1 ; set Flag for limit swith 1 low
  OUT fLS2_1 ; set Flag for limit swith 1 low

The code above is to be introduced before the call of the homing FB (instead of the mapping of the connected input switches to the flags fLSx_x shown in the example of the manual).

The evaluation and actions to be taken in normal operation (not during the homing) are to be programmed by the user!



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