Behaviour of Symbol Editor when importing already existing resources

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Until PG5 version 1.2, the symbol editor always prompted the user to decide what to do if a symbol that is imported has the same media and address as an already existing resource. In PG5 1.3, the default behaviour is importing the new resource as it is. This may generate multi-defined symbols.


When importing a symbol (from e.g. an excel sheet) that has the same media and address as an already existing symbol, it will be added to the symbol table. The result is, that this symbol is multi-defined as there still remains the "old" symbol.


By default, PG5 doesn't check any more whether the imported symbols (media and address) were already existing.

In order to cause PG5 to check the imported resources for multi-defined symbols, the according option is to be activated. This setting is found in the "Symbol Editor Options"-window. This window can be opened in from the menu Symbols --> Advanced --> Options... The relevant checkbox is named "Check for multi-defined resources after import".
Once this option is enabled, PG5 will prompt the user wheter the imported, multi-defined resource shall be renamed or skipped.



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