How many masters can a Profi-S-Bus slave handle?

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Since the Profi-S-Bus protocol is multi-master capable, the question about the amount of possible masters/slaves per station comes up.


Amount of masters that can access one Profi-S-Bus station
A PCD configured as Profi-S-Bus slave (using the on-board S-Net port) is able to handle 16 different master stations. This number is definde in the firmware in order to avoid an overflow of SAPs (Service Access Points).


Amount of slaves that can be accessed by a Profi-S-Bus master
A Profi-S-Bus master station can connect to all the Profi-S-Bus slave stations on the net (which means that it can communication to 124 stations).

This numbers do only concern Profi-S-Bus stations. The same station can in parallel communicate with Serial-S-Bus and/or Ether-S-Bus stations.



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