Can a PCD2.H32x slave module also be used as master?

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The PCD2.H322 and PCD2.H327 are slave modules. Nonetheless the second axis can be used as master.


In general there are two different types of the PCD2.H32x modules:

  • The PCD2.H320 and PCD2.H325 are designed to control 2 axes (independently or one depending of the other)

  • The PCD2.H322 and PCD2.H327 are designed as slave modules. They can be used depending of an external axis (connected to the first axis as synchronisation input) in electronical gearing mode.
    However, the second axis of a slave module can also be used independently.

The differences between a "normal" H32x module and a slave module mainly are the following:

  • The axis 1 of a slave module is not equipped with an output and therefore can not be used to control a motor/driver system.

  • The input impedance of the axis 1 is lower than the one of the second axis. This allows to connect several slave module to one master encoder.

There is no restriction for the use of the second axis. This axis is to be programmed exactly as an axis of a PCD2.H320. It therefore can be used in any profile mode.



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