What does "WARNING: Checked painter's size out of range" mean?

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If the S-Web Editor detects a painter (graphical object in the view) that does have invalid dimension or position, a warning message will be shown. This message does also offer to correct the invalid values by setting default values...


A message window as below does appear on opening a teq-view or when a pointer in the teq-view is selected:
WARNING checked painter's sizes from teq view : MyView.teq is out or ranges. Do you want the PLCEditor to size it to painter default sizes?


In case a polygon or polyline is concerned, a second message window will pop up after the user has agreed to set the size to default values (often several times):
CSpiderControlEditorDoc::CheckPainterSizeAndPositionInViewRanges() the painter with false sizes is a polygon or polyline so it will not be resized. Please make that correciton manually.

One common reason for this problem is that there exists a polygon or a polyline that do have a dimension of 0 or 1 pixels (so they are not visible). The S-Web Editor recognizes that there is an invalid object (painter) and therefore asks the user whether is should set the painter to its default values.
Since a polygon or a polyline doesn't have a "default" shape or size, the S-Web Editor isn't able to set the default size and informs the user with the second message.
Since the object(s) that cause the problem are most likely invisible, the user won't correct the dimension(s) of these painter(s) and therefore the S-Web Editor will complain about the same painter(s) again and again (which ends up in an endless clicking orgy for the user).

In order to get rid of this warnings, it is recommendet to delete the faulty painters. To do so, please follow the procedure below:

  • Select all your painters in the view (place the mouse on the upper left part of the view and move the mouse with pressed left button to the lower right area of the view)

  • Group all painters (right mouse click and select Group)

  • Open the cross reference list (select the group and then right mouse click and select Cross Ref...)

  • Look for polygons or polylines in the list of painters. If you find one, double click it and check the position and the dimensions. If the the values do not look reasonable (e.g. a dimension of 0 or 1 pixel), note down the coordinates of this painter.

  • Close the Cross Reference and ungroup the selection

  • Now find the invalid painters based on the coordinates you've written down. The coordinates of a selected painter are shown in the "Painter configurations" window on the left side. Once found, delete the faulty painter(s).

  • Save your teq-view after this procedure. Repeat the procedure in case there are more faulty painters.

Hint: On small views you might be able to find the faulty painter by only selecting all painters and looking for single points (that could be a painter with no dimension).



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