Overwritten register values with PCS1 firmware version 0B0

FAQ #100399

Version 0B0 for PCS1 is not to be used, as at each shutdown an area of registers are overwritten by the firmware.

With version 0B0, at each power down the registers with address >~ 3770 are overwritten with rubbish data by the firmware if no XOB 0 is programmed (which means in most cases). The mentioned area of registers is often used for dynamically allocated registers by fupla, so the loss of the register values can create many different effects. The firmware versions before 0B0 are not affected by the problem.


As the version 0B0 was not used for PCS1.C8xx in production, only the PCS1.C6xx delivered before end of July 2005 are affected by the problem. If you have PCS1 with firmware version 0B0 we ask you to get the latest firmware version from the supportsite and arrange a firmware update (online configurator, download firmware). Version 0B0 is not to be used anymore.



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