Reloading FBox definitions in the Fupla FBox selector

FAQ #100383

After modifying the definition of an FBox (in the FBox Builder), this modified FBox definition has to be reloaded in the Fupla FBox selector. There is a hidden function to do this on the fly.


The FBox definitions are always loaded on launch of Fupla. Since it is quite annoying to close and reopen the Fupla Editor while developing or modifying FBoxes, a possibility to reload the FBox definitions (FBox interface, size etc.) was introduced in PG5 version 1.3.


In order to reload the FBox definitions,

  • hold down the CTRL key and

  • right-click the FBox Selector window of Fupla.

In the context menu, you then will find the function "Reload FBox definitions".

Please consider that the FBoxes that already already placed in the Fupla file must still be replaced! 



PG5 2.0 / FBox Builder

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