The PCD7.D120 displays are not fully compatible with the PCA2.Dxx

FAQ #100381

Mechanical: the dimension of the cut out is smaller than the D12, so if you have to replace an existing PCA2.D12 with a PCD7.D120, you have to use an adaptation frame for cut out 24.5 x 48.5 mm (type 4 108 4836 0)


Features: The PCD7.D120 is a 6-digit LED display with decimal point; the PCA was 4-digit only


Programming: The IL code and FBoxes for the PCA2.Dxx are not compatible with the PCD7.D120. To use the PCD7.D120, you need FBoxes contained in PG5 starting from version 1.1.100. Earlier versions of PG3/4/5 are not supported.


PCD7 / D1xx

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